“A Lady and her horse”

As a cameo addict, collector and dealer when I saw this cameo I just had to have it!  Beside the beuty of the carving and the setting I knew there was a special story about it. I got the cameo (didn’t tell my wife) But as of yet I have not found the story behind it but I am still looking for it.

“The Lady and Her Horse”

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  1. Patricia Esposito Says:

    Wow! Stunning

  2. Kathyrn Malott Says:

    This cameo is amazing. I have had the joy of seeing this cameo in person and it is even more amazing then the photo. It is a very unique and amazing carving from an expert carver in Italy

  3. Minerva Says:

    Thanks ffߋr your operate. Write-up aided me a whole lot

  4. terry thomas Says:

    I love this one.

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