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Antique Cameos

Welcome to our gallery of Antique Cameos where you will find hundreds of cameos from all over the world. We have many types of cameo jewelry here on Most of these cameos, but not all, are carved from shell found in the Caribbean. And most were carved in Italy. Many of these shell cameos are original and designed by jewelry designers with handcrafted settings in gold or silver. We always provide the best descriptions. All of our cameo jewelry has a 30 day return policy that means NO questions asked. We want all of our cameo customers to be happy with their purchase as we have been collecting, buying and selling antique and vintage cameos for more than 20 years. If you see a cameo you like don't be afraid to give me an offer on it. I am here in my studio all the time.
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Vintage Wedgwood Cameo - "Hope and the Anchor"
Vintage Wedgwood Cameo - "Hope and the Anchor"
Product ID : C-508
$161.00  Sale Price: $113.85
Product Is Out Of Stock
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Vintage Wedgwood Cameo Bracelet
Vintage Wedgwood Cameo Bracelet
Product ID : WCB-19
$165.00  Sale Price: $135.00
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wedgwood mold
wedgwood mold
Product ID : 237a976540a09485
$258.00  Sale Price: $150.00
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Whiting and Davis Cameo - Intaglio
Whiting and Davis Cameo - Intaglio
Product ID : CAN-12
$145.00  Sale Price: $97.00
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Zeus - The most Powerful of all Gods - Rare
Zeus - The most Powerful of all Gods - Rare
Product ID : AC-16
$450.00  Sale Price: $379.00
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If you would have bought antique cameos rather then stock in IBM I think your return would have been greater! Vintage Cameos are fast disappearing! We travel the world looking for rare, unique and affordable high quality cameos for our Estate Jewelry collection. And if you find these rare cameos a bit too pricey for you try our not so old cameo jewelry from the old days back in the 40s, 50s, and even 60s. Makes no difference if you want to start collecting antique jewelry or just wearing funky old jewelry this is the place to find them. Oh and don't forget to check out our GENUINE SHELL CAMEOS with one of a kind gold or silver settings they are very affordable and one of a kind jewelry pieces. Antique Cameo Jewelry is the largest part of our business.


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