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Famous Cameo Carvers

Famous Cameo Carvers
 by Preston Reuther

Is your cameo carved by a famous cameo carver? Look on the back of the shell and hold it up to the light. Maybe you will see one of these signatures if you're lucky! Does this mean your cameo is valuable? Well, maybe and maybe not. But you might start your research with the name on the back of the cameo.

Diego D’Estrada


Giuseppe Girometti

Benedetto Pistrucci

Tommaso Saulini

Ciro Accanito 9/4/1976

Giuseppe Lombardo (GILO)

Domenico Accusato

Ciro Magliulo 16/5/1965

Mariano Achito 27/3/1944

Raffaele Magliulo 1/3/1958

Giovanni Ammendola

Giovanni Marrazzo

Giovanni Aversano 24/1/64

Ciro Mazza

Balzano Franco 28/8/69

Francesco Monastero 16/3/1968

Gennaro Bottiglieri

Amerigo Cervasio Patrizia Parlati 4/3/1963

Antonio Coto 29/12/1975

Vincenzo Parlati

Enzo Cirillo

Aniello Pernice

Antonio Crispino 2/8/1969

Rachele Porzio

Franco Della Grotta 13/8/64

Giovanni Romano

Ciro Pasquale Ercolanesi 1945/02/13

Ciro Romano

Ciro Fiscale 19/5/56

Vincenzo Romito

Vincenzo Formisano

Benito Ruotolo 5/51936

Giovanni Fraterno 26/10/78

Italia Ruotolo

Antonio Frulio 4/7/71

Ciro Scognamiglio 15/5/1981

Crescenzo Gaglione 27/5/47

Francesco Scognamiglio

Gennaro Garofalo 16/1/1941

Ferdinando Serpe

Giannamaria Garofalo

Umberto Serpe 3/6/1971

Antonio Guarracino

Antonio Spitaletta 12/20/1964

Alfonso Imperatrice

Claudio Terminio 04/21/1973

Tommaso Itri (TOMI) 7/7/58

Giuseppe Tesoriero 06/23/1973

Carla Jannacone

Cristoforo Tormolino 5/8/58

Carmine Jannacone

Ciro Vitiello

Michele Langella (MILLET)

Raffaele Vitiello

Vincenzo Langella

Vincenzo Volpe


 Preston Reuther has been collecting, buying and selling cameos for over 20 years. He has written several e-books and produced over 34 jewelry making dvds, 150 videos and over 1000 articles on the jewelry making process.Visit his  antique cameo collection  at or Email him  at   or call 816-689-2779

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