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Preston Reuther Master Wire Sculptor


drusy gemstone pendant

Drusy Gemstones "FACT AND FANTASY” Drusy, Drussy, Druzy, Drusies, Druzzy may all be spelled differently but basically we are speaking of the same wonderful gemstone that has accumulated tiny sparkling crystals on the surface of the gemstone itself.

Ground water carrying dissolved silica is forced into a soft area of gem material where cooling occurs causing formation of small glimmering crystals on the face of the stones. This process creates a gemstone called drusy.

This occurs in:







Plus they now coat drusy with the metal titanium which creates a vibrant “metallic blue coating” that is out of this world! They can also coat them in Pink, black, peach and white with different coloring processes.


peach drusy pendant 


REMEMBER: Drusy with the metallic coating is just that a coating and it is very durable but with rough treatment it can and will come off.

JEWELRY CLEANERS -  You can clean natural drusy formed on the gemstones above but the metallic titanium coated drusy and dyed drusy can be a bit more fragile as it is beautiful. So I don't recommend putting titanium coated drusy in the blue or the pearl white nor the dyed ones of any color in the cleaner as it will fade off or chip off from the steel shot used in the tumbler.

LEAVE IT ALONE! The best treatment for gemstone drusy is just leave it be in all it's splendor and beauty and it will last for a very, very long time. Clean the metal setting with a polishing cloth but I would not tumble or do any polishing. You might just destroy the beautiful finish.


Preston Reuther is a Master Wire Sculptor that has been collecting, showing and selling Drusy Jewelry for more than 20 years. He has written several e-books, 34 jewelry making dvds and over 1000 articles on jewelry design and creation. Visit his Drusy Collection at   or call him at 816- 689-2779




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