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"ATHENA" Roman Warrior Antique Cameo

"ATHENA" Roman Warrior Antique Cameo
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This is a carving of a roman soldier but not a man it's a woman called Athena. A very popular image among master carvers in Italy.
Athena is associated with Athens, a plural name, because it was the place where she presided over her sisterhood, the Athenai, in earliest times. Mycenae was the city where the Goddess was called Mykene, and Mycenae is named in the plural for the sisterhood of females who tended her there. At Thebes she was called Thebe, and the city again a plural, Thebae (or Thebes, where the s is the plural formation). Similarly, at Athens she was called Athena, and the city Athenae (or Athens, again a plural).[4]

Athena had a special relationship with Athens, as is shown by the etymological connection of the names of the goddess and the city. The cameo dates from about 1880 and is a gold wash over silver. Ir is a brooch with a good pin and measures about 2 inches from top to bottom.
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